Tricks cut MDF? Base rules?

are two days that I try to cut MDF on mpcnc But I can not …
I can cut any other material except MDF …

I wanted to ask you (although I think that the composition of TMF I have here in Italy is different from America etc …) some processing information / tips / speed / tricks to be able to cut.

Unfortunately they have to work this material because it is the only one that is marketed in various thicknesses even less than 10mm
Thank you

Greetings to all

Post a photo of your results. MDF cuts easier than natural wood.

Barry apologize, I forgot, in a hurry, also indicate the settings I have in estlcam beta.

rate 14mm / s xy
rate 4mm / s z
angle entry into the material 90 °
mm per pass 1mm Z +

The problem is that it seems to make a lot of effort and the cutter seems to clog creating difficulties in handling / cutting

I am not ever been able to cut the MDF good and it would be easier to find and durable material as cheaply … :frowning:
soon as I get home from work step in the workshop, and place the photo …
But the result is the interrupted cut and removed dust …

Cutter carbide tip Proxxon 28328

I thought I would replace it with this … LINK

You might be spinning the bit too fast burning the wood and making it stick. So either slow down the rpm or move faster.

Hi Ryan,
Tomorrow I will try to reduce the speed of my multi-tool (it is very basic but has so far worked well … )

I wish there was a solution :slight_smile: unfortunately the speed is 100% so I will try to reduce the rpm and see the result…
Thanks !

lot MDF cuts you?
Here in Italy it is not used much because it is very weak if it gets wet