One of my side-side hobbies is building speakers. I feel in most cases something homebuilt is going to preform better than anything one finds on the market below $1000. A good speaker is heavy and cumbersome. I also like building speakers for different styles of music. These are old school.

My wife and I were married quietly 3 years ago but our friends and family almost revolted – so we hosted a block party to placate the masses. I used it as an excuse to try out some new speakers.

I built these bad boys for the main events. These are not PA speakers but they were outstanding on the last minute stage that mgmt requested. They were used by the Uilleann (irish bagpipe) performer, speeches, and ended with a lot of Fela…before we moved into the garage with the LR2 and some rehabbed Wharfdales.

I couldn’t order the kit to the US but I worked backwards finding the dems for Altec’s cabinets.


Those look fun!