Two weeks in and the machine just paid for itself!

Started with a 16" x 16" build area. That lasted just over a week and I blew it apart and stretched to 49" x 25".

Just because I came up with a paying job making Greek Key molding. I didn’t know what that was till a friend asked if I could make it.

[attachment file=“Greek Key Molding.jpg”]

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks again Ryan for a great design.

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Music to my ears!

Nice! What kind of wood is that? Bit, DOC, etc?

3/4" maple. Actually bought it already dressed to 3/4 x 5-1/2" $2.50 lf. 1/4" 2 flute spiral upcut Freud bit from Home Desperate. First pass on the carve cuts 1mm per pass to 10mm deep. Finish pass 3mm each to 10mm. Outside cut 18.5mm deep to leave a thin skin so as not to cut into the spoil board. Running at 20 mm/sec. 3 hr 22 min total cut time to make 42" piece of 4" trim. $25 per foot.

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