Unknown Command: M221 and M290

Ok I have a lowrider2 with the SKR1.2 board. During printing I get the “Unknown command: M221” error. Having searched the forum, the apparent solution was to reflash the firmware with the latest, I have done this with both the SKR and TFT display and I still get the error when I try to adjust to speed during a cut from the “percentage” menu. The error repeatedly pops up so fast that I cannot even exit out of the percentage menu. The only way out is to kill the power.

Similarly, if I go into the “babysteps” menu, I get the “Unknown command: M290” error.

How can we remedy this?

The touchscreen interface needs some work for these features. You can use marlin mode to adjust speeds.

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Its disappointing…is there a section of the firmware that I can look at to edit? It seems like we should be able to remove the call for M290 and M221.
Why does it work in marlin mode, but not touchscreen?

Marlin mode is letting marlin completely control the touch screen. Marlin is rock solid. The software that runs the touchscreen is totally different. The touch screen software started from the btt version and I pulled in some changes from some other forum users here. But it hasn’t had many hours of development since then.

is there a section of the firmware that I can look at to edit?