Using different endstops

I am building the vicious 3d Printer and I had a few of those board style end stops already. Is it possible to use these instead of the smaller bolt on ones? Is there possibly something I could find on thingverse that could aid me in mounting these onto the printer?

Print the x axis motor mount and check, it will be an extremely tight fit and I don’t have any of those end stops to check for you.


I’ve already printed out the x axis motor mount and there is enough room (barely). I could possibly hot glue it in place, but I was wondering if I could 3d print something that could use the original mount.

The holes in the endstops need to be used. The switches need to line up the same, you can’t move them.

If you’re not sure send a picture

Ah thanks for that info. I just ended up ordering the correct end stops from your store along with some springs for the bed.

Are there pictures of where all 3 end stops should be located? I could only find a picture of the bed end stop.