Utah Lowrider Build

Well, it’s time to get going on this. This project thread will, hopefully, provide ongoing motivation.

Step 1 will be the table. I’m going for an 5x9ish MDF torsion box made out of 1/2" MDF. The ultimate goal will be to have cabinets underneath for storage, like in this video:

But until then, the torsion box will most likely be sitting on sawhorses. Given current levels of busy, this part will probably take a few weeks. After it’s done, I’ll start printing/cutting parts. If any updates happen to the parts, hopefully they’ll be available at that time.


That is a fancy table, one day I hope to have one (or ten) of those!

Yeah, it’s fancy, but if you ask me it’s a little overbuilt. Those drawers (especially the bottoms) are thick. Then again, if he’s planning on storing all the heavy stuff inside, it might not be such a bad idea. I just think it could be built a bit more frugally without compromising functionality.

Posting for accountability. Might help me finish the project.

I knew this was going to take me weeks. I started planning out exact measurements for my table, while simultaneously trying to get better with Fusion 360. My measurements are going to be 65"x65", which should be able to handle 4’x4’ sheets of plywood. The tabletop will be a torsion box constructed from 1/2" mdf using half lap construction, and open sides. The ribs will be 3" tall, spaced 9" apart on centers. I chose 9 inches because that was the smallest distance I could do while still cutting all the ribs out of a single sheet of MDF. Avoiding half-lap construction would allow me to have closer spacing while still cutting everything out of a single sheet, but I think this should be sufficient.

The top and bottom skins will both be 1/2" mdf as well, but I’m going to need to do some glueing and clamping to get a full 65"x65". I’d like to use biscuits, but I can’t find anybody with a biscuit joiner, and I’m blowing this week’s budget on a dado stack and MDF, so buying one is out of the question.

I should be able to purchase a dado stack this weekend and get started. :smiley:

Quick visual of a rib:

[attachment file=62528]


OMG, I do this all the time. Cough LowRider updatecough


Yeah there is something about these table tops. We have all tried something different and nothing seems to be…ideal. Can’t wait to see yours finished. I think if we stumble on something easy, cheap, there will be way more LR’s out there.