V1Pi combine with MaslowCNC


I’m trying to run V1Pi and Maslow CNC WebControl from one RaspberryPi. I can run each image separately, but not simultaneously. It seems that Octoprint and WebControl both want to use part :5000. This obviously leads to conflicts. Is there a way to change the port of Octoprint in V1Pi. It states that it uses port :4080 but that seems to be redirected from port 5000?

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Since folks do several instances of Octoprint on one rPi, it is common to change the ports. You have to understand how Octoprint serves the pages and do a little re-configure, but it isn’t that complicated.

You can change the default port for octoprint in /etc/default/octoprint.

The settings for cncjs are in /etc/default/cncjs.

The landing page stuff I wrote will still redirect the octoprint link to port 5000 using haproxy. Those settings are in /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg and the landing page is in /home/pi/landingPage/