V1pi questions from a raspberry pi noob

So I just got my pi and went through the V1pi setup. This is my first time doing anything with a pi and I am no programmer either but am willing to learn. So I hooked the pi up to a display when I booted it up because I wasn’t sure if I needed to or not. When it fished it showed a V1pi login. I then went to the Http and pi address shown. When the page loaded there was no RaspAP, only octopi to and cnc.js. since this all new to me I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if this is intended since I did the no hotspot version.

So my next question is where/ how do I change the name and passwords described in step 7?

Also when I get to mounting this with the MPCNC do I need a display? I envision having a display on the machine that displays the G code as it’s running, not sure if that’s possible, but it’s what I see, lol.

Sorry if these are horrible questions, I scan the forums and didn’t see anything matching my questions so thought I should jump in and post instead of lurking in the shadows.

Thanks in advance for any help

“if this is intended since I did the no hotspot version.” Correct, since you chose the no hotspot version it is intended and you won’t see the RaspAP (no need for it).

“how do I change the name and passwords described in step 7” – Are you using Windows or MAC? Either way, you need to SSH (Secure Shell) to the pi, using a program such as Putty. Or alternatively, you can directly connect a keyboard and monitor to the pi.

“do I need a display?” No, you don’t need one, but you can have both a display and v1pi. I have both on my Lowrider.

cnc.js does have some live updating showing what the machine is doing, so that should satisfy your Matrix-syle quest for cool things on the screen :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply.

I am using a pc so I will look into putty. but I did get it changed via keyboard.

The thought is that v1pi will be a “headless server”. Meaning, you won’t use a display or any monitor with it.

You can use a laptop connected to the same wifi to set up jobs and view progress.

You could also set up a second pi with a basic desktop image and the display and run the web page there.

You could (theoretically) run the web page on the same pi. But I won’t write instructions for that (how do you write instructions for a whole computer). You also run the risk of the desktop/web page applications getting in the way of the server/gcode sending applications. It is better to just leave it headless.

Good to know, thanks for the input.