Vectric PP

I downloaded the the Marlin Test5pp and installed into my vectricPro.
However the output has a strange apperance. Specifically the line that just a G1 Y command by itself. This is some gcode for cutting a square with an endmill.
Haven’t run the code on the MPCNC yet, but the vectric preview goes around the square as expected. this code does’t look right.
Also where the F commands coming from for the G0 moves. I see An F parameter in PP file, but I can’t find a number anywhere.

"G1 X51.901 Y66.632 F720.0
G1 X51.803 Y66.699 F720.0
G1 X51.710 Y66.773 F720.0
G1 X51.622 Y66.855 F720.0
G1 X51.541 Y66.942 F720.0
G1 X51.467 Y67.035 F720.0
G1 X51.400 Y67.133 F720.0
G1 X51.341 Y67.235 F720.0
G1 X51.291 Y67.340 F720.0
G1 X51.249 Y67.446 F720.0
G1 X51.215 Y67.554 F720.0
G1 X51.189 Y67.661 F720.0
G1 X51.171 Y67.768 F720.0
G1 X51.161 Y67.874 F720.0
G1 X51.157 Y67.977 F720.0
G1 X51.161 Y163.330 F720.0
G1 X51.171 Y163.436 F720.0
G1 X51.189 Y163.543 F720.0
G1 X51.215 Y163.651 F720.0
G1 X51.249 Y163.758 F720.0

That’s fine. It just means the X isn’t changing on that move.

OK, agreed, but the Y position the line before is way different. I guess I need to try and run it. Was just a little nervous.
And do you know where the G0 rapid move number is if I want to change it? (in PP)

I don’t know anything about this pp, and you didn’t share the G0 gcode. So I’m not sure what you’re asking. Many firmwares treat G0 as max speed, so they don’t put a speed on by default.

The Y coordinates being different are fine. That is a 100mm move. I suspect the rest of that is traveling smoothly on the outside of the corner and then that move is the side. Shortly after the nex corner I expect a 100mm move in X.

This might help:

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Yeah, I think that is right. I followed through a little further, and now it is making sense. Hard to believe how much code it takes just to turn a corner!
I’m learning about this PP as I go. Somewhere its getting a number to fill in the variable that is defined. Maybe somewhere in Vectric. Its getting the G1 moves from toolpath of course.
Thanks for the help.

here is the section for G0 moves. I change the Z as it was included on the other line.
It seems the gcode G0 move speed ends up being 2 times whatever the cut feed is. I guess that is a vectric standard. don’t see anywhere that is entered or changed.
I think I could enter a number for x and y like I did z just to have a standard rapid move.

“; Notes: [FILE_NOTES]”
“; Generated [DATE] [TIME]”
" "
“M84 S0”
“M03 [S]”
“G1 Z[SAFEZ] F500”
“G1 [XH] [YH] [F]”
" "
“; Tool [T]: [TOOLNAME]”


  • Commands output for rapid moves


“G0 [X] [Y] [F]”
“G0 [Z] F480”


  • Commands output for the first feed rate move


“G1 [X] [Y] [Z] [FC]”