Hallo zusammen Danke mal für die Aufnahme in die Gruppe .Bin noch Anfänger in Sachen CNC Maschienen .Das mit Fräsen funktioniert schon ganz gut .kann mir jemand helfen bei der Verkabelung eines neje 30w ,Master 2 Plus und dem Skr pro v1.2 auf meiner mpcnc. Danke mal im Voraus Grassy

First, the laser support was added in a later version of the V1 maintained Marlin firmware…version V509 I think, so you need a newer version of the firmware installed.

The laser pin for the SKR Pro is PC9. You can find a pinout diagram for the SKR Pro 1.2 here. This pin is located on Extension 1.


I’ve circled the pin in blue, and the legend for the pin in yellow.

Assuming you received the standard control board, you can use the 2 PIN connector which I’ve circled in blue. The “4 PIN” connection goes to the laser.

The yellow wire attaches to PC9, and the black wire can be plugged into the adjacent ground.

As for power, some NEJE kits come with a power supply, some don’t. Usually the power supply for your MPCNC is not big enough to power both the laser and the MPCNC. The path of least resistance is to use a separate power supply for the laser and plug it into the socked provided for a power supply on the laser control board.

Note that you may need to extend either the 2 PIN wires going to the MPCNC control board or the 4 PIN wires going to the laser.

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