Vulcan harp

A Vulcan harp, or lyre, from Star Trek TOS that I made for a friend who is a super fan. LR2 cut out the body, the electronics pocket on the back and the back cover/speaker holes. The wood is, I believe, Butternut (White Walnut) from a wind felled tree on my property. The soundboard has a veneer of walnut.


That looks great!

That looks very professional. How well does it sound? Does it actually play from the strings, or do you just play music from an mp3/speaker?

Let’s just say, as an instrument, it makes a pretty good prop! It was clearly designed for TV. I can get some sound out of the strings, but it would be a beast to try to play musically. There are 19 strings, supposedly tuned chromatically, and they’re awkwardly close together.

Fortunately, my friend is not a musician. I will tune it a bit, without stressing it too much, and hand it over. The buttons on the front control an Arduino which makes user selectable drone notes. I managed to find the original top octave generator chip that was reportedly used in one of the playable props, and worked for a while on a circuit for that, but eventually decided it wasn’t worth it - so back to the trusty Arduino.

The harp will hang on a wall, I’m sure. And that’s fine. It complements this - which I built for him about 6 years ago. What I would have given to have had a CNC then…