Wall mount for home decoration

Super simple, screw from the inside into the wall and glued the face half of the circles on.

A honey-do which i think may spawn some more.

And yes, it’s just a stick :grin:


So if you decided to redecorate, how would you take it down?

We would have to move into feats of strength. It was a known item of the design but truth is with a 5 year old and a 3 year old running the house it’s likely the kids will remove it first.


You could always cut the mounts (or the stick, not sure which is more precious now).

I was just trying to see if i missed somthing, but nope they are a more “permanent” wall mount. At least as permanent as anything is when you have two little ones (i give them 6 months XD kids are the best!)

Ha ha yep. Give it your best shot kiddos.

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I’m doing similar with my exhaust mounts, but im drilling and tapping for machine screws instead of glue

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I see you haven’t worn any handcuff grooves into it, yet… Of course, with little ones running around, you’re probably better off just using a leather strap lightly wrapped around the stick.

For those of you with some number of children less than two: yes, you can still find time for that sort of thing. How do you think we ended up with more than one? :smirk:

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This was more what I was getting at, good old festivus for the rest of us:


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It’s why we have locks on the door.

But for that, you need a metal pole, and there should be an Airing of Grievances!

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