Warped/Bent tubing from SpeedyMetals

A number of people had used and recommended SpeedyMetals, but my experience was not good, so I figured I would share the warning. I was planning on being able to use the MPCNC in two formats. One was for a large work table 4’x8’ with the work area 10.5" less on each side. The other would have a work area of 27"x 52". I chose the 01" OD,.065 wall thickness 304 stainless steel tube. I ordered the tubing at Thanksgiving. When it arrived, I left it in its original packaging and laid it on a flat 4’x8’ surface to keep it safe. I completed the work table a couple of weeks ago and opened the package. All (3) 95.75" tubes were bent or warped, 2 in several places. They only used a 4’ cardboard shipping tube, so perhaps that was a cause, but the way the tubes were bent are more indicative that the tubing was bent before it was shipped. In addition, one of the 47.75" tubes was extremely warped and one of the 62.5" tubes has a slight bend toward its end.

I contacted them and the customer service person said the owner would like pictures, by email. I finally settled on shining a light under the tube to illustrate the warps and bends. I also took video, rolling the tubes to demonstrate the warping. I sent the pictures, but the videos were too large for email. I had started to work at trimming and compressing the video, when I received a message today, saying the owner felt it had been too long and they would not replace the tube. Why ask for the pictures in the first place? The damaged tubes were $132 and shipping was $44. So I am out $176. I wish I had opened them right away, but there is no guarantee that Speedy Metals would have made it right.

I can still build the smaller format MPCNC with the remaining tubes. Perhaps when I go to the Makerfaire in May, I will be able to find a supply store that I can pick up the tubing in person.

That sucks! We had a 60" TV like that once. Client pushed off the install for a month, so when we finally installed it, the screen was all jacked up. Come to find out when the delivery truck brought it to the office, it was laying flat on the floor. I told the office staff if they ever see a TV like that again, don’t let the delivery dude take it off the truck, just send it back. That big of a screen will flex and destroy itself in motion. The whole display assembly is only a little thicker than a microscope slide. Was a $4000 mistake.