Well this was exciting!

Probably way too fast for this machine. 200mm/s with a .25" upcut spiral endmill.

I had it at 300mm/s, but this happened…
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Think it caught a hard piece in the plywood somewhere that caused the bit to cut into the side. I was already two passes in, so about 4mm deep, this caused the router to overcome the holding torque of the steppers and it was off to the races!

Firmware has you maxed at 190 on the XY, and the accels from the circles are probably keeping from hitting the max too easily. But those skipped commands at the 300 mean you were hitting the speed limits anyway. we also have the torque max around 60 rpms so it could have been that as well.

I don’t think I have ever tried to test the speeds of the XY. Kinda looks like fun, Router drag races. We need the cnc version of a benchy so everyone can compare there machines! something with some dimensions so we can go for raw speed without a failure, and highest score (cut time + accuracy*10)

Whoa, that is exciting. Looks fine, except for the tearout, which you’ll probably get with that plywood and an upcut bit at any speed.

That’s 10 times faster than I’ve ever dared to go!

What size stepdown?

2mm per pass. Got my setting all screwed up in estlcam. Had the one that’s supposed to be mm/m set to mm/s, so when I changed it, all my feed rates changed as well. Didn’t notice until I went back in to check something and saw stuff in the thousands/s! So I was basically running at the max speed.