What kind of valve is this?

I don’t enjoy working in my cars, but I tried to fill the tires with air today. But one of the wheels had this funny looking valve. What is it?

I thought about taking a wrench to it, but given my luck it would shoot off like a bullet.

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Is it just a cap on a regular valve, I can’t imagine there being something else on one of 3 wheels.

Maybe it was some sort of valve stem repair and that is why it doesn’t match.


I’d put a socket over it and start turning it slowly, it looks kinda odd but it seems some sort of cap or extension, with a socket over it you’ll have control and it’s not likely to go flying off.

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AFAICT, the outermost part goes all the way into the gap. More like it is plugging a hole than a cap.

It’s just a random cap. There’s only one type of valve stem for a car, a schrader valve, albeit it can be steel or rubber.


I too have seen that kind of funky cap. I got it when the tire place lost the rubber cap that was on my tire originaly. You shouldn’t even need to take a wrench to it
. Should only be figure tight.

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Yeah, we pay extra for those, lol.

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It’s just a metal cap instead of the black plastic ones.

Some tire places will put those on with a sticker that shows Nitrogen has been added to the tire.

My harley has two of them. (no nitrogen)

There’s some concern about using metal caps because the dissimilar metals can cause corrosion issues with the valve stem.

It was corroded a little, and a 10mm wrench loosened it.

Thanks everyone.