Where can i wire two extra fans to?

i have the mega with ramps 1.4.

i have the continous fan on the extruder wired into the green plug in and the controlled fan in D8.

where can i wire 2 more fans (40mm) to blow on the heatsinks of the drivers? do i connect them in the green plug or to the psu or where?


Either is fine.

D9, right?

D9 my bad lol

ok thanks.

I’ve taken to adding screw terminals for additional fan headers, LED strips, etc. Wire straight to your PSU and 3D print a cover to keep little fingers out.

If you want to get fancy, add microswitches to things so you can turn them off.

@David, my mom was in the “hurt didn’t it” school of raising kids, so I don’t worry about covers for wiring… My little brother and I have both told my mom we’re having “Shut up, you’ll live” on her headstone… :smiley: