Where to buy end mills in Europe?

Hi im finishing my lowrider 2 build and trying to find end mills i live in finland so i would like to buy the end mills from Europe so if you know a website where to buy them please let me know.

I am also looking for a good endmill set in Europe, have you found a good match already? I’d be interested in what you’ve found so far. For now I’m using cheap enmills meant for handrouters that are far from optimal in the cnc (i.e. cannot punch straight down into the material).

I can recommend this ebay shop they are in Germany, but shipping to Finland seems reasonably priced.
I’m currently using those endmills

I have not ordered from this site yet but it seems legit and i am planing to order here https://robosavvy.com/store/cnc/end-mills



in UK i use these with great success:


Absolute happy with it, a significant improvement from the chinese ebay stuff. I do use mainly the 4mm single flute ones since i have a spindle, plus their factory is on my way home after work. They also sell on ebay and amazon.