Where to learn the proper use of MPCNC?


I have been looking to produce or manufacture something real, where I need to do some research and physical involvement.

Finally, I found! that not actually, I heard on the youtube channel.

Can you please help me to share the proper use of MPCNC and where to learn the complete use of MPCNC?

Thanks in advance!


The MPCNC is used by many people using different tools and having different setups. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to your question. Good answers will depend on your pipeline, on your current abilities with your tools, and how’ve you setup your machine. The chart at the top of this topic gives a good overview of the various choices you can make on the software side. A common choice is:

  • Some drawing program
  • EstlCAM
  • Repetier-Host

Personally, I use Fusion 360 and sneakernet my g-code to my machine.


Thank you so much for your quick response.

Your provided information is good to start from the beginning, but as I am totally new here. It will be great for me to follow step by step guides.



From my own experience, there are no 100% perfect answer to your question. We are all very different in here, in terms of skill and experience, and we have WILDLY varying ideas of what to build and WHY we are building.

The reason for me ending up here, is that I had a crazy idea that eventually led me here. (I wanted to build an electric water turbine, without nearly ANY prior knowledge…)

If I’m going to give an advice based on my own experience and learning - it’s to make set small goals at take it from there. If you get the MPCN to mill steel for a mechanical machine, then you are going to have rough time - it’s a loong way to get there.

If you consider this a hobby project, you’ll have a lot of fun, if you are planning to use this for a business idea, without much prior skill - you’ll soon have deadlines and troubleshooting breathing down your neck. This community is of great help, but that doesn’t help anyone with a business project that is not sustainable in the beginning.

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To the best of my knowledge, what you seek does not exist. There are a few discrete skills you must learn, and there are tutorials for some of these skills. You need:

  • Some proficiency with a design tool
  • Some knowledge of how to design for the CNC
  • Some knowledge of CAM
  • Some knowledge of tool to transport the g-code to your machine
  • Some specific knowledge of the MPCNC and your machine.

For example if you select Fusion 360 for your design and CAM solutions, here a video to help you get started:

If you are looking for an overview of the process, this video might help:

You need to select the tools before we can suggest tutorials or other materials. The usual starter pathway is to use EstlCAM for CAM with a vector graphic or 3D model produced by some other tool, and Repetier-Host for delivering the g-code to the machine. The usual first step is the crown. You can find materials to getting started on this pathway here: