Which Parts Bundle to Use

I came across the MPCNC and really like the design and want to build one. My question is which parts bundle to go with: mini RAMbo, RAMbo Series Wired Kit or the RAMbo Dual Firmware/Series Wired kit. In searching the forums, I know that the mini RAMbo has 4 driver outputs where the regular RAMbo has five. What are the advantages or possible disadvantages of each. I will use the machine in the following ways: with a spindle head, foam needle cutter, and in the future, with a laser. While I have some basic knowledge, I am a newbie to most of this. I have decided to go with 1" stainless steel conduit and my build size will be 20” x 30”. Any help with this question is greatly appreciated.

You are looking for “tubing” in stainless steel not conduit just to make sure you get the right thing. 1"conduit will not work.


If the price difference is not a deal killer for you the full rambo has all the options, the mini does not have the ability to do the dual end stop if you go that direction. I suggest not to start with the dual though just the standard rambo in series.

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Thanks. I meant tubing. Going to order it from Speedy Metals. Will order the standard RAMbo.