Which post processer for MP CNC. By Fusion 360

I already have Fusion 360 which I use but don’t know which post processer shall I use to generate G code for MP CNC, Otherwise for Marlin software to work. Can some one help me please?

This one, https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/fusion-360/page/6/
or this one, https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/new-fusion-posts-processor/

Thank you for the help again. this is my first cut after I succeeded loading the processor to Fusion 360
Not bad ha?

WOW! If that is your first cut…I can’t wait to see the next few.

thanks. I just posted my second project I finished very late last night check it out I think it’s a killer :slight_smile:

This one took 2 1/2 hr. to cut, and one hr. to stain and lacquer and assemble.
Boy a lot of mess, :slight_smile: and work. but Beautiful. used a 1/4 in. flat bit. and 3 inch thick poplar stock.

Someone’s liking their MPCNC now :smiley: Nice work, someday I want to try some woodworking on mine

Yea, most of us started swimming in the kiddy pool, you’re all like “Screw it, I’m swimming the English Channel!”

Holy crap. That Harley sign looks amazing. As well as the key hanger. Can’t wait to get this thing built. Hope to make some serious assembly progress this weekend.

anyone knows which post processor works with MP CNC router IN, ASPIRE