Wiring E-Stop and Reset Buttons?

Hey all, I bought the electronics kit with my MPCNC, which included the ramps board and LCD/controller board.

There’s an emergency stop button (the little electronics mini button style) on the LCD board. And once I’ve pressed that to kill the program, Repetier throws an error an requires the thing to be reset. Luckily, there is another little mini button on the Ramps board, to reset everything.

My question is if there are pins exposed anywhere to hook bigger, external buttons to accomplish those same tasks? I’m building up a control panel, and I’d like for the E-Stop especially, to be something easily reachable and activateable.

I’ve done a bunch of searches, but all of the threads I’ve found have been arguments about doing it via software, or just putting a switch in line to kill the power. I can do the latter if needed, but it seems like the built in e-stop is a bit more elegant.


I’ve never hit that button before, on any of my printers! My E-Stop kills power to everything, including the router. That’s the important part, let the steppers grind, it’s not going to hurt them, they’re skipping steps anyway, I don’t think they can hurt the belt if it’s tightened properly.

Second that. Just resetting the board isn’t going to shut your router down. Best to have an E-Stop on the AC.

Not everyone is using the MPCNC platform with a router.

I have a switch to kill power to everything, but there is a functional e-stop, to kill the program and stop the steppers in their tracks. I would simply like to move that to a more functional (larger, remote) button, rather than the tiny mini button it’s on now.

I understand that you don’t think it’s ideal, but I’d like to experiment with it, and , as I stated initially, I was wondering if the pins for the e-stop and reset buttons were exposed elsewhere on either board.


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Once I’m done tinkering and things are a little more permanent, I’m going to add a light switch inline to my box so I can just turn it off with my foot. It’s not the most glamorous solution but I’m a function over fashion kind of guy (still haven’t even trimmed my belts or zipties on my machine)

Ok, forget the E-Stop. Is there a breakout for the Reset button somewhere? Are there any exposed pins for reset?

It’s not broken out anywhere, but here’s the schematics.

Any electrical noise will cause issues, that’s probably why it’s not broken out.

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