Wiring/Electronic Advice

So I got my mpcnc working and I’m working on more permanent/long term wiring. My plan is to have a control box to the side with the TFT and a toggle switch. The toggle switch would be for router power and connect to a relay that would control power to the router, I would take the 5 or 12v from the SKR board somewhere so that if power is cut to the board it would also cut power to the router. I also plan to have an e-stop button wired between the PSU and the main board that would cut power to the mainboard, steppers, and the router via the relay.

Just wanted to get some thoughts on this set up and get some advice on a relay for the router as the only relays I have worked with have been for 12v for 3d printers.


Grab one of these while they’re in stock. You can give it pretty much any control voltage to turn on the 110 outlet.


I use the IOT relay that Berry references with my stop wired between PSU and control board as you indicated, and I’ve very happy with the setup. I did add a flourish and use an Arduino and a relay in my stop/start. This allows me to have two different physical stop buttons and a wireless one (which I’ve never used), but does introduce a small amount of risk. This IOT relay goes out of stock frequently on Amazon, and often costs significantly more on other sites. The only downside (for me) to this relay is that it is “only” rated for 12A, so I can only use my smaller shop vac.

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Thanks, I bought the IOT relay and will probably use it for the router and the shop vac when I set up a dust shoe and use a 12v triggered 30v/10A DC relay for the mainboard.