Wiring Steppers

I am to the point where I am connecting up my steppers to try and do some moves but none of the colors match up on the wiring kit to the steppers. Also which way is it plugged into the ramps card? I looked at the assembly instructions but is was not real clear as to the orientation.

I need some more information to help you.
Are there plugs on your steppers or just wires?

The easiest way is to look for an datasheet for your stepper drivers.
Where do you bought your steppers? Maybe they provide a data sheet which shows which wire color is for which coil.
If you can’t find anything you can post a picture of your identification plate which should be located on the stepper.

If you get this information the wiring of the stepper on the ramps board should be not so hard. The right order is printed in small letters on the Ramps board (1A 1B 2A 2B). We can go on with that after we solved the questions before :slight_smile:

I bought all of the electronics from here and have the wiring kit. The color code on the wiring kit does not match the colors on the stepper motors

I was overthinking and over complicating this. Got them hooked up and moving.

How so? I’m at this step and was going to match the colors that do match, and then plug them in like I saw I the picture in the tutorial

I just matched blue to blue on the stepper and the wiring harness. Then just plugged them into the Ramps board. If they were going the wrong way you simply flip it at the ramps board. Once I saw that in the instructions I realized you can’t really screw up the connection.

This is assuming you are using the electronics from here and not making your own wiring harness.

Yup, just read that. Awesome thanks