Wooden shelves

My wife wanted custom shelves for her room and since I promised her I’d build her anything she wants as long as I can have my workshop… well, there it goes…

Finished project first:

So, what did I actually do with the MPCNC? I am glad you asked: I wanted additional support for the shelves and I wanted them to be exactly level without measuring too much and making fancy super hard cuts with a saw or chisel etc.

I cut supports for the individual shelves. 31mm deep in total, 3.1mm DOC, 2400mm/min, 6mm double flute.

So many…

These go in those holes with the straight end so they can’t move around.

Looks like this when done:

The vertical pieces where the shelves are “slotted” were also cut with the MPCNC so the distance between the wholes would be exact and always the same. I cut two pieces at once so it would definitely work.

Finished it all of with paste wax. Smells like avocado and honey now. :smiley:


Solid looking shelves.
Mounted to the studs right?

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Since I am from Germany, most houses are brick and mortar houses, so it does not matter where I mount it as long as I don’t drill power lines. :smiley: Also the law says they have to be laid in straight lines so it is hard to actually hit them.


Maybe I’m not understanding, but what keeps it from coming away from the wall and tipping forward? Is there glue or another fastener I’m not seeing?

The boards are screwed into the vertical pieces of wood from behind to be invisible. I always try to hide the screws and do it without, but sometimes they are necessary. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m assuming he’s drilled into the brick and used anchors for the uprights.