Building some Paulk workbench clones. Actually just one right now. Eventually will have two. Using the not as cheap half inch-ish birch plywood from Lowes. Was going to just make templates and cut the rest with my hand router, but it’s only taking about 10 minutes per cut, and not messing up, so I’m letting the cnc do it. Will have to make a template for the top though. I can’t fit the bench top on the router. Mid span supports are in the way.

Need a bigger router for that?


The big reveal! On Christmas day of all days! Well done Sir, happy holidays to all!

HAHAHa, it is just a little reveal for those of us that are playing with our favorite toys today…Barry I hope you don’t mind using your thread, but its a good highjack right?

That’s cool!!!

Oh, added photos to the album. Bench is finished, just have to stick it to the wall. Don’t have any heavy duty shelf brackets, and not enough 2X4s to make some…

Vicious1 looks interesting I don’t see any belts. I look forward to more details when you are ready.

Amazing. Merry Christmas to you all. Ryan I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I just threw some bolts in my second build (for a laser - petg this time around). I still chuckle every time i build the head of this amazing machine. Happy holidays all!


That is a neat looking workbench. Are you planning on using the holes for hold downs like he talks about in his video? Any idea how much it ended up weighing?

Not sure on the weight. I guess I could carry it into the house and weigh it on the bathroom scale. I built it with 1/2" ply and glued and stapled it together, no screws. The holes are for hold downs. I’m not going to be using this as a mobile bench. It’s actually going to be attached to the wall of my shop. I’m planning on building another just like this one and putting my miter saw in between.

Uploaded the latest pics. Bench is mounted to the wall. Still have to round over the edges, forgot to grab a smaller round over bit when I went to pick up some 2X4s for the base. Ended up at 51 pounds. I haven’t clear coated it yet, so it will end up a tad heavier, but pretty close.

I really like the way it looks.

I was trying to come up with something similar with the cutouts becoming functional pieces. for the big router table. It is not easy because of the different thicknesses of wood people would use. Now that I have a way to cut out all those tiny holes I might have to upgrade my table.

Once I got the template cut out, which is only 2 rows across, it took me less time to cut the rest out with my hand router than the template took to cut! Used a quarter inch downcut bit and could do full depth passes. I put marks on the template sides so I could line up the next spot. Worked out way better than I thought, even though I did cut into one of the spreaders… I eyeballed the hole pattern in 123d design, so I missed by about a half inch. Still plenty of strength though, so not too worried about it. It’s currently 60 outside, so I went ahead and shot a coat of acrylic on it.

Are you planning on making a fence for the miter saw? I have a miter saw in need of a bench, and I’m still swirling around ideas.

Yea, once I get the other built, I can mark where the fence goes. I think I’ll install some t-nuts under the surfaces so it can be easily removed.

That’s pretty cool… All the holes probably cut down a lot on weight in addition to giving you room to store stuff or run wires!

I may have to do something like this when I’m ready to start building a Lowrider…