Working area size.

Hello, Do I need to set my working area somewhere?

Is there any way to send the bit to show the four extreme points of the model (square)? I mean before start the mill, make the bit point the extremities of the model so I can have an idea if I have enough material to start the project?


If I am concerned about material sizing, I make an outline of the material in my design with correct dimensions. I then place the design inside the outline and put my 0,0 at one of the corners where it would fit within the design.

You could make that a tool path that stays above the surface and then just process that tool path.

Seems like a lot of work though.

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It is easy and what you should do until you are sure of your CAM skills. You will use it to check for things like clamp and screw clearance as well, very common.

that is a good ideia… will try to do this :slight_smile: thanks