Working on a new shop checkout system

Starting with the LR I am trying to make it an all in one stop. Add each item with a description.

I hope this makes each choice more clear. I have just started so you can watch as I learn how to implement it. This also lets me just set one inventory for each item. For example I set 20 LR hardware bundles 20 rambos, 20 lcds and inventory will now get updated. Currently I have to set 2 LR rambo kits, 2 LR mini kits, 18 rambos 18 minis ect. It is very difficult to keep track of. This should help everything.

The one issue that I am having is the total is not updating correctly yet. I have to dig around to fix it. I think the currency converter might be messing with it. Currently you can even see if you add a LCD it gives an option for an SD but does not show it if it is not selected to not overwhelm the options. Not sure if I can add hyper links to the descriptions for things like v1pi or not but I am trying.

I am going to try to add boards with an option and descriptions, printed and flat parts. Anything Relevant.

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That is awesome. Like buying a custom laptop. :tada:

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This is good to know:



I didn’t realize websites needed lube. But if they do, you might be overdue.

As with most things in life, If you have to ask, you shoulda used it…

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Okay it was the currency plugin, I know have it set to show the order total not just the two totals, cool!

I am waiting for the new currency converter to get installed through…hope it keeps working. Now I can start adding more options.

Someone must have been drinking while programming… your grammar is not as good as it typically is :slight_smile:

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HAHAHA I hope today is better, all day yesterday I could not type at all. I was getting a little worried by the end of the day.


You just never know if it is too much coffee or not enough coffee…

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Or what’s in the coffee… :wink:

Too much coffee. How is that possible?


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Jeez that was a rough patch. Completely fresh theme set, updated totals now work, options are getting better, the cart page is not to my liking but if you click through that it is normal.

Tons of work but I do like it better. Slowly getting there.

Oh, because the cart shows the right total, but not the right price on the bundle?

I played with it and was told the rambo was discontinued…

Thanks, Let me see what I screwed up. I had to uninstall and reinstall things…it must have wiped the inventory.

Shoot it is a little complicated but I have a solution. few hours.

Okay I think I got it and the discounted items do not show up anywhere other than the bundles. Took a bit to get them hidden from search.

Now you just need to set up the bit bundle as a… bundle. :smirk:

I assume that will fix the fact that it’s showing “Out of Stock” even though all the individual bits are in stock. Or are you sourcing them as sets?

Baby steps.

I actually ran out of those little boxes and only have like 2 single flutes left. Shipping is still lagging after xmas.

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