Would 1.05 Outside diameter tubing work?

I have printed and assembled all the part for the mpcnc with 1inch tubing.

I have no access to 1 inch outside diameter tubing/conduit or 25mm here in quebec, Canada.

However, the 3/4 inside diameter tubing we have here is 1.05 inch in outside diameter. Would 0.05 inch be too much of a difference or would it run fine?

No, not even close.

It is best to find a metal supplier, one f not both of those sizes should be common. If not check your local hardware store for the recommended EMT conduit. Canada has never been an issue that I remember.

All we have here is 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch E.M.T tubing from Columbia Mbf.



Sadly all of those are inner diameter. I have heard tho, that the 3/4 version fits the 23.5mm plz tell me if i am wrong… I would have to reprint most of it tho!

Yes, I designed this based on 3/4 emt.

First part of this page. https://www.v1engineering.com/blog/parts/