X and Y axis steppers move in opposite directions

I just got my monster MPCNC (24" x 48" working area) all built and wired up.

I haven’t put on my belts yet because when testing the steppers via Cura I noticed the X and Y axis steppers are spinning in opposite directions from each other. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

It seems like a wiring issue since the X and Y steppers are linked with the MPCNC kit wiring harness. This is my last day off for the holidays, so I would love to get this thing working today.

I attached a video of the X-axis steppers with tape flags on the shafts for illustration purposes.

Flip the far motor plug over in the harness. With the power off

Yeap, that fixed it (Feeling pretty dumb now, but at least that was an easy fix).

Thanks @vicious1. BTW, really nice work on the MPCNC! Works better than I thought. Excited to get some dust flying from this thing soon.

Sweet, it happens to all of us. I almost broke the LowRider CNC that way on the very first move…I got cocky.