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I’ve not yet built a LowRider, but it’s definitely under consideration. But, there is something I don’t understand. What keeps the x-gantry from resisting side to side movement? I obviously see the roller wheels the assembly moves on, but are there other guide wheels that press against the side of the table that keeps the gantry running parallel to the table? I’ve looked at lots of pictures and I’m drawing a blank! Feel silly asking the question!




Don’t feel silly. That’s a great question.

The motors move in lockstep, but otherwise there is nothing. Some people have carved grooves for the wheels to ride in. I installed some 3/4"x3/4" strips to make the wheels ride straight but some people haven’t needed them.

Interesting! I understand about the two motors stepping together… but it seems odd (at least to me) that there isn’t something to prevent side motion. I’ve not worked with routers before, but I would have thought that when it’s cutting left or right it would be pushing on the gantry in the opposite direction. I’ve looked at a lot of table routers and most are more “industrial” with with linear rails, rods, or extrusions with slots. Apparently the forces aren’t high enough to affect the operation!

However, I’ll certainly be tempted to add some kind of side “guides” when I build mine!!

Thanks for the answer!



Exactly. Version1…V1…had extra wheels, we didn’t need to so I took them away. The machine is easily a few pounds and then rails, if you put 5lbs of force on a router that is plenty. I quote it a lot but the cuts I do in aluminum trend to have a calc force of way under 2kg at the bit so wood is far less.

I guess another way to put it is 4 of those wheels have enough traction to keep an adult from sliding a router is nothing.

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Thanks Ryan, it is counter intuitive on the face of it, but a good lesson in not over designing!



Google “Static Coefficient of Friction”. I slept during my Statics and Dynamics class, most EEs do and lots of instituions don’t even require that class anymore… tells you how old I am. :slight_smile:




There was no such thing as " Statics and Dynamics class" when I went to college. That tells you how old I am!! I will look up “static coefficient of friction” though!


On Thingaverse there is a design to add a couple wheels that push against the side of the table on the Y plates, if needed, but I think Ryan has designed a good machine as is.