X suddenly backwards

This is a new one. Went to play with my mpcnc and the x axis is backwards. Right is left, left is right, even homes the wrong direction. If I click the reverse direction checkbox, that fixes the the left and right issue, but it still homes the wrong direction. Haven’t made any changes, it’s actually been unplugged for a while, been using the lowrider. Nothing has been changed hardware wise, the only thing that could change would be repetier, but I don’t think I’ve even updated that lately either.

HAHAHA got you. You were out working and I snuck in and flipped the connectors!


I have no idea how the heck that could possibly happen. Is the Z the other way as well?

Nope, everything else is the right direction. I’m going to pull the board out and flip the connector, see if that fixes it. It’s weird though. cnc.js does it as well, moves backwards, and homes the wrong direction. Weird.

Well, that fixed it for now. That was weird. Had to remove 6 screws just to get to the connector, so it’s not like anybody was screwing with it. Not that I ever have anybody over to screw with it in the first place…

Alpha testing my, over the air updates.

It could have been the same person trying to save their sugar packet…most likely scenario in my opinion.

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Yea, that guy is an asshole. I live in the country, we have enough bugs in the house.

Well, so far so good!

[attachment file=61744]

Bamboo?!? How does it cut?

Really well actually. I think the 80% stepover for the roughing passes is a little too big, maybe 75% would work better, it splinters along the grain at 80. Kinda like oak. The finishing pass is really smooth though. I got the flip wrong, so I’m running another part, changed the work piece to a whole number this time, trying to cut .46mm is kinda dumb.

I still haven’t done any really two sided cuts where the second side actually mattered that much. I think I have to try it on a PCB, super accurate and a tool change involved. I mean I have a CNC biz…kinda gotta prove myself right?


Ends up being a tool change and a flip!

Nice, it does look like it cuts a bit differently. I have to try some bamboo.

IKEA, cutting board, stupid cheap!

Top side with some actual detail! Will make a second one tomorrow and print the connecting piece.

Thread turned into a show off thread. ?

Good part on the left.

[attachment file=61760]

Printed the connecting piece.

[attachment file=61761]


Crap. Messed up the flip again…

The flip is kicking my ass! Just got a beautiful top finished, flipped it to do the finish pass on the bottom, cuts through the center… :roll:

Noooooo, that sucks.

A little Bondo will fix that right up…

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