X/Y roller tightness

I have printed all the parts for one of the rollers (IE version) just to test fit it onto the 25mm pipe i bought (it’s closer to 25.1mm actually). Now that I have tested it I have a couple of question. Should the roller move freely along the pipe? If I put the pipe in a vertical position and let go of the roller assembly it does not move. I have to move it manually with my hand, it doesn’t require a lot of force but it does not move freely.Will this be a problem or perhaps it will start moving freely once I have broken in the machine?

I’ve seen videos of people who are able to slide the whole length of each axis with a simple push. Mine were tighter than that.

Double check the tightness of the 2 long bolts that hold the motor mount plates. I loosened them to the point the motor plate was freely wiggling, then tightened down enough so that the mounts were secure but nothing overly tight.

I agree with @alan, none of mine ever really rolled as easily as some of the ones in the videos do. The 2 bolts with plastic on both sides do control tension on all the pieces, they should start off loose any only tighten if you notice slop. They do run smoother after some use.

I loosened every bolt that has a bearing on it and now it slides a lot more freely, I could even get it too loose now to the point where not all bearings touch the pipe. I will put the roller assembly onto the pipe and when it feels smooth enough I will tighten the bolts again.

Thanks for the tips.