y moves only one direction


Got the steppers wired. Adjusted the Vref on all 3 drivers. I’m testing with a 1.2a 12vdc wall wart as I’m only moving one axis at a time. I will modify an ATX 6a supply for final assembly.

Got X and Z moving smoothly in both directions. However, C will only move in one direction! I have the steppers wired in series. Have checked and re-checked the wiring. X and Y are wired exactly the same, yet X works correctly.

Steppers are .4a 17’s from StepperOnline.

Edit: Swapped X and Y connections, problem stayed.

What control board, from where?

Sounds like an endstop my be shorted. Try an m119 command and see if that is the case.

Ramps 1.4 from bangood. A4988 drivers.

Just re-flashed Marlin MPCNC813_GLCD. Same Problem. I checked endstops in configuration.h, x.y.and z min are enabled. I’ll connect to Repetier and check endstop status.

M119 reports X,Y, and Z open.

Well the firmware checks out, m119 is correct so that leaves hardware. If it moves one way smoothly that it should not be the wiring, that leaves the arduino, the shield, or the driver. you can power off, swap drivers and see if the problem moves to another axis. If it does not the most likely cause is a bad ramps shield.

Also you are using different drivers make sure you set the steps and voltage accordingly.

The import ramps and arduino’s are extremely poor now, I can not sell them anymore as they were starting to approach a 50% failure rate from a couple long time suppliers.

You are the BEST! I changed the Y driver chip and it’s now working.

Next I will set up Esticam and try drawing the crown…