YA torsion box table

I built a superstrut table for starters. It was fast, relatively cheap, and worked reasonably well. Damn near impossible to make it flat and keep it flat. When you’re making 2mm depth passes on a full sheet of large pieces, a 1mm deviation is a big deal.

However, I don’t want to have a big, heavy table-like object that’s difficult to store and requires 70 sq ft of floor just to exist whether I’m using it or not.

Someone else here posted photos of their vertical storage solution, which was inspiring.


Note that all of the pieces were cut on the lowrider, the design would accommodate as long a table as you like, and the platform for the side rails are assymetrical to accommodate the 4mm-deep channel for the wheels on one side.


I don’t quite understand this. Maybe I will get it when the next phase is done.

I need a new table for my LR. I think I should make the LR make it just to say I did.

I can share the source Sketchup files if you like, I’ve quite a few hours into it.

One side of my wheels ride in a channel, which is a 4mm-deep round groove cut into the wood. So there are two choices for aligning either end of Y: make the Z axis on one side 4mm taller than the other, or lower the free-wheeling side opposite the track by 4mm. This table does the latter as part of the design. That way there’s no funny business regarding the Z rails.

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Oh. Only one side has the channel! I see.

As for the files. That would be ok. I don’t use sketchup, and I would probably want to draw my own, but I wouldn’t mind using it as a reference. So if it’s just for me, I would say don’t bother. I’m sure there are many more who are interested though.