Yet another wandering Low Rider 2

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Even if I push my LR2 against hard stops on left side och table before powering up, it still wanders in illustrated direction. Difference is about 4mm. As you can see on the picture, table is 80x150cm and totalt length of gantry is 89cm (on both sides).

I understand that the machine don’t need to be square to the table, and that I should square the material to the machine instead. But since people seems to be able to get it rolling straight, I would like to achieve that too.

I’ve tightened the wheels (they were a bit wobbly). No improvement. But as other people have reported, the wheels are not super inline with each other. One wheel is actually facing in the direction that the machine wanders. I bought the hardware from V1.

What steps should I take to make it run straight?

EDIT: When checking the with the size calculator again I can see that the X-rails should be 87.30cm (when table is 80cm wide) instead of 89cm that I have now. Is that critical?

Make sure your x axis belt is not too tight. You can actually pull the wheels in if you are not careful. I noticed my MDF Y plates would flex so added some aluminum angle and ran the wheel bolts through it. It helped. That was after I added the guide rails though so not sure if it would have solved all my issues. The guide rails were my permanent solution.

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Cool! Wanna show pic of your guide rails? Doesn’t they add alot of friction?

Also… It feels like a guide rail forces the machine to go into a direction it doesn’t want. And making the cut not square?

It’s all about how you set it up. Yes it adds friction but has not been an issue, the matching didn’t even skip when my bit came looks and I did a 1 inch full depth cut into the mdf table top. Your x axis just needs to be perpendicular to your Y axis and it will always cut square. I simply put stop blocks on the table that I can start the machine against and I know it’s square.

you can see the rails in this pic. They are just pieces of MDF trim I had around that I cut down in width

This item is available on Thingiverse somewhere.

It attaches to the y plate with a bearing in contact with the table. I’ve not had trouble with a wandering lowrider, however on some of the cuts I make with larger bits the whole gantry can slide. Granted, I’m using insane parameters to make the lowrider gantry slide so please don’t take this as a given. I installed 4 of these to counter the forces on the x-axis. An emphasis before installing these items. Your table must be square or this will cause more problems.