Z-axis Conduit/Lead Screw Length?

I’ve almost completed assembling the MPCNC, but have a concern regarding the T8 lead screw and Z-axis conduit lengths.
The cut calculator for the suggested height of 4" said to make the Z rails 11 1/2"
The T8 lead screw came from the MPCNC kit.
After assembling, the lead screw extends from the bottom of the tool holder by roughly 1"
Isn’t it supposed to be flush? What’s the best way to remedy this? Recut longer Z-rails?

Thanks for your help!

Cut the leadscrew. The calculator gives you a number for this as well.

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Also, you might want to move your leadscrew nut to the top of the middle assembly instead of the bottom. It seems counter-intuitive at first, but all the weight of the Z tubes, stepper, leadscrew and spindle are on that nut and the small screws holding it in place when it is on the bottom. If you move it to the top, then all the weight is on the nut with the middle assembly supporting it from beneath.

Good catch I didn’t even notice.

Oh wow. Good catch indeed! Totally makes sense.
Just fixed it :slight_smile:

A whole lot easier to fix now than after everything is all assembled. Ask me how I know…heh heh.