Z-axis setting

So Im just starting out do bare with me. I just finished up building my MPCNC and I ordered the rams board and hardware from this site. But it looks like my Z Axis is off. When its only moving half the distance.

The question is where do I go to fix it?

Can you put up a picture of what you have, board and drivers and your z axis stepper and screw? If you bought it all from here it should be right, but if you locally sourced anything it is pretty easy for that to happen but also an easy fix. Pictures are worth a 1000 words.

Yeah ill take pictures once I get home. I printed everything and ordered the hardware and boards from here. Thats why im stumped.

Here are some pictures.

Hmmmm, I guess check under the z driver to make sure all three jumpers are there.

How are your trying to move it? What is your test like?

Ill check it. Now I just recently received my new rams board, due to the old one getting smoked. When I received it the box was smashed I was hoping that nothing was a broken. Do you think this might be the issue at had? Also I added the 100k Ohm resistor or thermistor to terminal “T0” because it looked like it was missing. Now I read its not needed with the new firmware. Will that cuase my issue?


No the resistor wouldn’t cause that issue.

That wasn’t shipped from me was it?

That was Order #2089 I received it on July 1. I didn’t send anything then because I figured it might still be good.

Yikes, I don’t ever remember putting a board in an envelope and never will again. Try it out and let me know if it is broken, all my packages are insured.

So I took a look and everything looks good. I did some measurements on the movement. X and Y it will move 10mm side to side. Z on the other hand will move 3mm when asking it to move 10mm.

The new board has the T8 firmware on it you will need to flash the non-T8.

lol Dumb question How do I flash it? Ive never done this before.

I have a step by step here, let me know if anything is unclear.


It worked thanks you so much for helping me out…