Everything was going fine and now my z-axis seems to not want to retract during the print. I am using the dewalt and the kit from the site. In manual control the z-axis will go up and down, but while running the nc file it doesnt ever retract going further and further into the wood. Not sure what to do. I am going to try replacing the stepper driver for the z axis first.

Any suggestions or similar expiriences. Also my z-nut-lock is doing great. There is no slipping.

I solved the z axis issue it was the coupler. I used a spare from a printer and it works much better. The printed version deteriorated and was slipping. Now all of a sudden my entire machine is freaking out on prints. It is overlapping everything. Wasnt happening before. I replaced all the drivers and tuned them and still no success with that.

Overlapping sounds like a slicing issue not a hardware or electronic issue. What slicer?