Z endstops?


I installed both max and min endstop for the x and y axis, the min endstop for homing and the max to prevent that shits happens…
My question is about the Z axis? Can it be useful to install an min or an max endstop in the Z axis?

I use the Z min endstop for a touchplate. Details in this thread: https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/an-argument-for-end-stops/.


About Z axis and these Z endstops, something is not clear to me. Min endstop (for homing)should be downside /on the table, and then the positive move of z would be up?

Or Z endstop min should be on close to the lower part of z tube for example, switching Home when Z goes up, (as on picture joined) and the positive move of Z would be down?

As it’s both Printing (work moves z up) and Milling (work moves Z down), I’m a little confused here…

Anyway, it’s start to work really fine, i’ll send more pics and vids :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’ve seen me say it a few times, but really, leave the endstops out of it for a while. There is plenty to learn without dealing with endstops. It is extremely easy to position this machine by hand to exactly where you want it to start.

Physically move the machine to exactly where you want 0,0,0 and hit start. If you use endstops you need to worry about moving them for every single thing you do. Endstops are only efficient if you are doing multiple parts, or only ever doing one task (printing), z touch plate is useful for multiple bits in milling but does nothing for printing.

Ok. Thanks. …

Ok ok, I was thinking of using the endstops for homing quickly and easily after startup, then run whatever needed, as I won’t be the only one to use the machine. Coworkers here seems really eager to test it, especially the milling part.

Thanks for the project Vicious1!

what pins did you use on the ramps for the end stops?

There’s a group of pins on the ramps board for min and max endstops for X, Y, and Z. Lots of images available - here’s one:

For the Z touch plate, the signal pin for Z min is connected to an alligator clip, and the ground is attached to the touch plate.

awesome thank you!