Z height and cutter for MDF

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First post here after lurking for the past few days. Seems to be a great community and thanks to @vicious1 for all his work and inspiration. I’m looking to make a MPCNC and had a few questions I’m unclear about. The machine will be almost exclusively used for cutting/engraving 3/4" MDF. My plan was to make a 26x26 machine with a 1/2" waste board. So my questions are; what would be the safest minimum z height for this build (3.1" maybe?) and should I purchase a spindle or 660 for cutting through the mdf (sound is no issue for me, I’m just concerned about the high rpm with the dewalt). Thanks in advance!

The wasteboard should be flush with the feet so 3" is more than enough. I recommend the 660 of all the things I have tried, well if I find something better I will change the parts list I guess. You can always slow it down, and using a single flute helps as well, I have a page with a few different ways to do it and we are working on a PID controller.

Thanks for the quick reply! Good call on the waste board I didn’t think of it like that. Do you think 2" would work or would it be a pain to change bits?

I think 3" is a good height. If you really want to push it later it would not take much work to lower it a bit.

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Just to make sure. I’m using the MPCNC calculator so do I want to put 3" for the z cutting area or does the conduit need to be 3"?

Z-Axis Desired Work Height =3, that will give you 2x 10.5" z rails

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