Z origin not going back to start height


Im setting my origin of my cut to the top layer. I have it raise 3mm move over drop back and start the cut.

Problem is it wont drop back 3mm. Just start cutting in mid air.

I have a DW660 on a 24x24x6in build. Estlcam 11.109, ramps 402 bugfix-2.0.x

thanks in advance

Not exactly sure what you mean. You have it set to start at the material surface and end 3mm above it. does your Gcode start with g92 x0y0z0?

Are you manually inputting commands?

No manual commands. Just wanting it to go over the surface to clear clamps and what not. Then plunge back into the surface said starting point. I’ll check the g code here in a few.

if this helps When the z is moving it makes one heck of a sound. Everything moves freely just makes a odd sound. Thoughts

Is there an F command at the end of every line, if so what is it for moves only in the Z direction?

If not see picture 5 in the estlcam setup instructions.

Everything looks fine…