Zen redo?

Hi Ryan,

I met you a month ago at MRRF, where you said that you were thinking of re-designing the Zen printed parts. I know youve been busy with the move, but is there such a thing now on the schedule?


I have been working on a different project that might crossover. I had every intention of Zen first but this new project looks like it could crossover a few of the machines. So, sorry for the false info but I have no timeline yet.

If there ever was a tease I’d say that might have been it…

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Who me…






Nah this one is very specific. More details after some testing, good or bad.

@vicious1 Any update on this? Planning to start a zen XY build in a few weeks. Willing to hold off if a redesign is in the works.

I wish, sorry but I got into the MPCNC instead.

No worries, I’m working my way up. Picked up a Ender 3, then rebuilt a kossle i found broken for cheap. Rebuilt another ender, grabbed a resin printer, now im building a mini cnc laser cutter/plotter ( 3d printed / CD drives and ramps). Next up will be the Zen XY then finally the MPCNC! Trying to learn as much as I can as I go through the “iterations” I suppose you can call them. Really diving into understanding stepper motors, marlin, drivers and how everything works together. Really appreciate all of your documentation and designs. A true inspiration.


Cool! The Zen was my way of messing with CoreXY. We must learn in the same way.

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