18"x30" Build from Texas (first experience with a CNC)

I just “completed” my first build. I’ve had several 3d printers in the past, but this is new territory for me.

Printed all parts on a Ender 3, and ordered the parts kit from here.
Shockingly, even with my lack of any knowledge or experience with these, the build went great! Started working on it for an hour the day before Thanksgiving, then spent about three hours on it on Friday. Another two hours on Saturday (mainly just wrapping the wiring and setting up the board and screen), and my first test with the pen went GREAT!

Spoil board is VERY un-level, so one corner of the crown didn’t draw.

Jumped in feet first, and hooked up the spindle and v-carve bit. Decided to try and engrave the crown on a piece of MDF (SLOWWWWLY). Again the spoil board being un-level bit me, but it worked out great!

Tomorrow I will be leveling the board, and attempting my first “real” engraves and carves!

Thank you so much for such a great tool!!!


Welcome to the crew! Looks like you’re moving right along.

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@vicious1 will be very happy to see the dirty first pics. Just so cool that you jumped right into it and it came out great. Looking forward to see what you do with it.

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Best type of post to get. Sounds like it was fun for you every step of the way…you will fit in great around here!

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Thank you! It’s been a blast so far, and working GREAT. And thank you for the RAMBO board sir!
Really loving it. And just made a “Thank You” for my best friend, who fronted the cash for the parts kit.

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Ran before I walked. Had a little z-axis issue (it went down further than it should on one pass, and cut too deep for the rest of the carve). I don’t know why. But trying again!


I promise to calm down sometime in the next couple days. But here is what is going on the reverse side.


I hope not!

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Ok then. Here’s another one.

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Looking good. It looks like you machine is running pretty smoothly at this point.

What part of Texas are you in?

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I’m in Central Texas. 45 minutes west of Austin.

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Darn. I’m NE of Dallas. Always hoping to run into someone closer to me.

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Yeah, me too. But we are HOURS apart.

Wow, you’ve jumped right in! Way to go! Keep up the good work!

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Another one, on a piece of cedar picket.

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Here’s a giant question. Now that I have the machine up and running, I’m wanting to build a table and enclosure for it. In doing so, I want to isolate the wiring, and set it up to be a little easier and nicer. What I’m looking to do is run the wiring just inside the enclosure, to a plug board of some kind. Wire that plug board to an external plug board, and then run the wires into the box for the controller, and the ribbon cables out to the screen.

Could anyone give me some advice as to what kind of plug/socket system I should use that would be 1. cheap. 2. reliable.

I was thinking about using CAT-5 plugs, but am not sure if they can/should handle the load for the steppers.

The Spindle is running seperate, so just going to put an insulated outdoor plug box inside the enclosure to run both the spindle and some LED lighting, wired to a trio of light switches outside the box (1 for spindle, 1 for lighting, and 1 for controller power).

I really like the aviation connectors for stepper motors:


Now that’s a great Idea. I love it.


What wire would you suggest to use between the box and the enclosure for the steppers?