25.4mm Tube Cable Chain Mount

Any of you people love a nice tidy wiring job as much as me?

I put a cable chain on my wiring, so it wouldn’t get tangled up in anything etc… but had no way to nicely mount it on the bottom of the tube, so i designed a something.

Available on Thingiverse here.

I made it with 0.2mm layer height, 100% infill just because…

here it is before i made the thing



I came here for the CNC stuff, but y’all are making me want to build a 3D printer. Nice work.

WOW that is clean!!

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I know! I never want to post pictures of my machine ever again now… :lol:

Just to resurrect an old thread ( :grinning:) where did you get the chain from?

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The wonderful world of Aliexpress :slight_smile: