29x29" stainless rebuild, air blast, superpid, and dual endstops

Work in progress :slight_smile:

I’m rebuilding my original 29x29" build found here: https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/29x29-burly-bruh-from-nc/. The rails are the same 0.065" wall stainless tube.

I’ll be doing a couple of things differently this time around:

The SuperPID is still on the way. These things take forever to ship if you buy them direct (over 3 weeks and still waiting)!

In an attempt to eek ever so slightly more rigidity out of the machine the parts were re-printed using Ziro chopped carbon PLA. The carbon PLA requires a slightly bigger nozzle. I used a 0.6mm nozzle and with layer heights varying from 0.3mm to 0.4mm (so much quicker than smaller nozzles!). A few of the parts with very thin walls (e.g. the ziptipe mounts) had to be modified to accept the larger nozzle.

I really wish I’d built and wired my original machine for dual endstops. I was too lazy to rewire the machine and never got around to it.

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Looks good. I’d really like to know how that SuperPID speed control works out. Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard about it before.

I did from the get go, but I’ve been contemplating lately how I’d like to trade them for hard limits instead. Thinking about cutting some clamps for the rails with a set screw for fine adjustment… But I’m feeling to lazy to rewire for series or jack with the firmware , lol

Using the dual endstops doesn’t preclude you from adding clamps to the bars, does it? I’d thought (potentially incorrectly) that you could still add clamps and initialize the machine against them. I’d gotten so far as to use G38.x codes for auto corner finding during my turners cube project. Sucked to still have to pull the machine square on every cut.

I suppose not. But why use both?

I’ve seen others listed somewhere.


Finally got the time to get a bit more work done on the rebuild. Other projects have been take up too much time and garage space :slight_smile:

X/Y wiring completed and spoil boards installed. I should really pull the base and install it on small MDF risers to keep the leg height down for a more rigid machine but I’ll probably leave it as-is.

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Nice looking bed. I am at the point of making decisions about work holding. I checked Incra for t-track and might go with it. Where did you source yours? I like the blue.

@scrounge79 https://www.amazon.com/POWERTEC-71118-Double-Cut-Universal-Predrilled/dp/B07FF1Q16Q


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Pulled the machine base to build a proper drop for the bed. Cut recesses for the legs so that I can drop the machine lower if needed.

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[attachment file=110232]

Good looking build. Please share your progress and some cuts.


That’s a good price and seem to be fairly reliable. I need the 36" length.

I’m having a fight with Amazon though. Half of my orders get refused because of address validation monkey shines. It drives me nuts. And even when the order goes through, sometimes they just get lost.

Why my address is complicated is another story, but at least it saves me money from impulse buying. I’ll try to get these then. Thanks again. Very nice looking machine.

Good looking build for sure. I’m considering the same type of bed with hold-downs. I’m assuming by the bottom shelf that you use foam for the spoil board and sandwich it between the workpiece and the bed. Is that correct?

@ekek3d I use scrap mdf or plywood for spoil boards. The foam is mostly for testing out programs in something forgiving before moving up to wood/metal. Foam is a bit too soft for anything that requires accuracy in the Z direction as the foam would compress when clamped.

Made a little more progress over the week. Dual endstops set up and dialed in to about as accurate as I could get with a tape measure on diagonals.

On to the fun bits! I modified Ryan’s PID sensor mount slightly to fit the smaller sensor housing that comes with the superpid. Bench tests were good from 5k to max rpm via pot control.

Testing the sensor: https://imgur.com/PAyf4pv
Testing RPM control: https://imgur.com/PVvfyQ0

Sensor mounted and wired up.
[attachment file=110628]

Sensor wire routed out alongside the AC power line.
[attachment file=110629]

New router next to the old one.
[attachment file=110630]

Might have to get creative with routing the extra cables and air hose.
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That poor 660 all strapped to the board in the rpm test that looks like you are about to torture it! hahahaha

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A bit more progress. Standoffs for the rambo/superpid printed. Started to put together a control box for all of the extra wires and power supply.

[attachment file=110790]
[attachment file=110791]
[attachment file=110792]
[attachment file=110793]

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More/less complete. Need to tidy up the cable management but other than that everything is functional.

[attachment file=112475]
[attachment file=112476]
[attachment file=112477]

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That is cool. Have a look at how JellyBox uses there acrylic. It would be insane to label and diagram that like they do.

Quick and dirty cable routing for the gantry. All that’s left is to shim the router and it’s ready for test cuts.

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