A sign for mom

Happy birthday, mom!


Very nice! :+1:

Looks good :slight_smile:
How deep do you make the pocket for such a sign?

That is a 4mm pocket. This took two tool changes. First was the 3/8" workhorse, which I have pocketing 2mm depth per pass at 12mm/sec and 45% overlap. The 45 degree v-carve tool, then back to the 3/8’s to “part” the whole sign.

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Thank you, this is very helpful. I’m still trying to get a feeling for those numbers and speeds :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. The carving tool, I think I had at 8mm/sec. This is fairly soft pine. Dial back the speed with harder materials.

Did you have lots of fuzz and post processing? I have been doing some pine signs but it doesn’t leave a good finish. Trying to figure out if it’s due to the wood or the v bit I’m using. My feeds are also much faster which might be the issue.

But does she have a restaurant?


:turkey: :grinning:

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:do_not_litter: :guitar: :church:

I think we’re old. Really old. At least his dad wasn’t a contemporary (although I do know who he was, and how important he is).


A long observed tradition in my house. :grinning:

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@RobP, there was very little fuzz. With pine, it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes I have fuzz everywhere, and sometimes I am surprised with the clean cut. I think it might have to do with the moisture in the wood. I have a very fine sanding sponge, which is just enough to rip the fuzz out without digging into the wood or paint. The fuzzier jobs, I have to use a box knife or x-acto knife to clean the project. I think I could clean it better with the carving tool, if I could find the right “diameter” to use. Even though the tool comes to a point, EstlCAM requires a diameter. I found that if I use 0.1mm, it takes 30-45 minutes just to preview the job, and I get less fuzz. If I use 3/8" inch, it previews much faster, but produces more fuzz. I feel that this might be a shortcoming of EstlCAM, not understanding the geometry of the 45 degree carving bit, or maybe my misunderstanding of what it wants for a diameter of a tool that varies from point to depth.

I suspect the vast majority here haven’t a clue what you’re referencing (I’m old too, so I do).

  • Al
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“all together now, in 4-part harmony”

Sadly Arlo has had a a series of strokes and is no longer able to perform. :frowning_face:

I expect most americans, regardless of age, are familiar with Woody’s “This Land is Your Land”.

They made a film out of Alice’s Restaurant too.

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There has to be some 'benefi’t to age other than creaky bones. :upside_down_face:

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Sadly, I have not lived an exciting enough life to have “And they all moved away from him on the group W bench” on my tombstone…

I kinda did, funny now.

Then? Not so much. :scream:

Have you rehabilitated yourself? :smiley:

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Funny thing is when I bought my house, left behind was a neat little child size park bench kinda deal, the center’s a cast iron panel of circus animals that I really like. I need to redo the wood and when I do the MPCNC will be put to work carving ‘Group W’ into the upper slat. :grinning: