Anybody speak this language?

If you can navigate this site better than me with google translate, can you tell this dude to sit and spin for me? He keeps putting up my parts, with my pictures from my site. He does not have authorization to sell it, and he doesn’t even have the decency to link to the site or to thingiverse.
I have got them to take it down before but they are not responding anymore. He keeps getting my comments removed form the post as well.

It looks like Mercado Libre is a combination eBay/Amazon. You’ll likely get the best results by contacting them instead of the seller.

The Terms and Conditions page partially translates as “It is understood and presumed that through the inclusion of the good or service in MercadoLibre, the User accepts that he has the intention and the right to sell the good that he offers, or is authorized by the owner and has it available for immediate delivery.” Elsewhere on the same page I see "6.2. Obligations of the Seller

The selling user must have legal capacity to sell the object of his offer."

I don’t know what the licensing ramifications are when you put a design on Thingverse, and it’s quite likely things might be different in Argentina. I’d contact Mercado Libre 3751 SRL Arias Street, 7th floor, Capital Federal, zip code C1430CRG, Argentina. You might also be able to contact them through their Facebook page at

Also, it’s Spanish. It looks like it closed, but IDK if it’s because it was taken down, or sold.

It must have sold…

They sent me this, Which does not open with google sheets for some reason. If someone can open it and save it with google sheets maybe?
They said I have to prove it is mine and provide all the documents for every country I am covered in.

I asked them to make him prove he owns it, They said they would gladly talk to my lawyer about it.

My blood is boiling over this. I give it all away for free with the one stipulation that you do not sell the machine. WTF I bust my a88 on all the support for this and all the people that need help but I feel absolutely robbed when this guys sells my kit and we have to help all his customers.


I reported it too, he’s using my photo from my v1 build.

Awesome Barry thank you so much! I doubt they will actually do anything but I keep trying.

Maybe you should put yours up for sale on that site too. Sounds like he’s doing some business :). It might get the site on your side as well.

They don’t offer an English translation. I could barely communicate with them using chrome/google translate. Ebay handles this sort of thing so much better.

Just wondering, why don’t you sell your kits on other websites too like ebay or amazon? Is it because it is much easier to handle everything from your own site/thingiverse? I heard you said sales were down or something and it was just a thought. I don’t remember how I found out about mpcnc, I think it was just from random research one day.

If i sold on ebay 8 would have to mark it up 10% amazon about 16% plus they like to hold your money for 90 while the return policy is in effect and you can not sell it anywhere for a lower price.

Yeah I guess that makes sense. My friends and I last summer tried to sell custom built PCs, and the issue we had was how much they mark up the products you try to sell. I guess it is all about how much you want to sell vs your profit margin. Pretty much everyone I know has amazon prime so it was hard for us not to consider it, due to its popularity. Ebay is okay, but it still has that 10%(they do discount USPS shipping though) and I prefer amazon’s interface.

It is a shame that someone tried to leech off your design though.

Sounds like you need an intern that also speaks Spanish.

Hmmmmm, good looking spanish chick that is also good at sexual harassment!

They said unless I have a patent in there country there is nothing I can do. I really don’t want to waste anymore time any money on this.

If I can not figure out how to protect my files I will not be releasing anymore files. If I make anything else I will sell printed parts only. Or just go back to a regular job. I found a lawyer that handles Creative commons cases but I have a feeling this is going to get expensive fast, trying to deal with another country.

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Nope, I am not going to work for free. Sorry guys this is not looking good.

Nooo…the reprappyness of mpcnc must not die! There has to be something we can do.

This really sucks. Do you have that many international kit sales? Expecting a big impact from this?

I honestly don’t know what to do. I feel like a punk for answering personal emails and forums posts half of every single working day. I have never cared if the parts were bought form me I just wanted to get people running. Pretty sure that has changed. Anyone that has bought it from me will get priority attention for sure. I know it will be a pain to deal with but I am flabbergasted by this. If you search that site there are so many cnc of my design being sold as their own, most have not changed the name even. Some have calling it something completely different.

I am not sure how to deal with this but I am not releasing the full sheet until I figure this out. My sales are flat lining I know I know why. I do not work for free, cheap as hell, but not free.

That site serves 19 countries. My sales have been steadily decreasing and I couldn’t figure out why. Yet we have so much traffic we keep killing servers.