Dave’s LowRider 2 Build

well, it took some time and doing but my MPCNC is now a LowRider V2. I ran a few tests & it works. Now to run the full crown test and do some calibration.

Thanks to Ryan for such a great machine and design.



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Can’t wait to see what you think, and if you go back we have new MPCNC parts…WIN WIN.

Thanks! I am super excited. I do have to tweak the underside of my table just a bit as the bottom printed part of the Y plates are super close to the table as I used a 2x4 table with 3/4" particle board top. I think a quick sand will do nicely.

Sadly, I have to wait until after my vacation to get any real time with the low rider.

Are the sides on enough or do they need to be closer?


Should be fine, you can go closer but no big deal.

Finally got the chance to make first cuts. Started with crown gcode. Not bad. I think I need better material and bring bit closer.

On the ball, not sure what happened there.


You really dropped the ball!.. Ok. I’ll leave.

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LOL! I had that coming.

Did a couple things and another test with the crown. First, I finally got my Rambo working and installed. Second, I grabbed piece of plywood over the original piece in the hopes of seeing how well my set up is.

Looks okay I think I need some tweaks.

Thoughts or suggestions?

Yeah that is off by kind of a lot. Shoot. Maybe give it another try running the file at 50%, endmill in the router as far as possible and the gantry as low as possible (move the router up if you can).

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Thanks! Just so I make sure i understand, 50% means 50% speed? How much of the endmill should me visible under the x plate?

For reference, here is how low my bit sits in the router.

Also, I am not sure it has anything to do with it, but I chose to use spider couplers instead of the flex ones for my lead screws.

Did you lube the Z screws? Do they bind? Did you leave a little wiggle room on the T8 nuts?

I’m not sure any of that is the issue your cut is pretty far off. I would do it again and watch the parts to see if anything is moving.

I have not had any binding as of yet (granted i have only run this a few times).

I will check the T8 nuts to make sure they have some play in them. I have not noticed anything moving, but will keep an eye on it next chance i get.

Okay. Was able to make a few tweaks today. For starters, most of the bolts on the X-axis bearings were too loose, so I tightened them. I also tightened the various belts more and better secured my spoil board down. Managed to cut a square and a circle. Not too bad.


Looks like the beginning position of the cuts doesnt match then ending position. I would check to see if you have a small gap between your Y plate and your Z assembly. Make sure they are the same. I had trouble with my lowrider and it was because it wasnt squared.

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Thanks. I will. I thought I had it square. I keep checking that both sides are equidistant to the end of the table and that the z assembly on both sides is the same height from the table.

For reference, here are some shots I took of my LowRider



Your vac port is a little wonky. The small sleeve needs to pop up a bit.

Send a pic of the Z assembly when they are all the way down. Check both side…