Doggie door

My sister-in-law bought a neat door that attaches to your patio sliding screen door. I bought some plastic sheet, fancy fasteners and some double sided tape and made one for our door. It turned out great and the dog loves it. I taped it open for a couple of days so she got used to running in and out at will then dropped it down to it’s flapping position and she took to it easily. :slight_smile:


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There’s a problem with the server as far as I can tell - I’ve been unable to upload images for a couple of hours. Just checked in to see if the problem had gone away.


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This is going to become the most anticipated doggie door. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint!

@vicious1 I’m not seeing images on posts in multiple threads. Is there a problem with the forum?

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It was the same for me earlier but seems to have sorted out now.

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What did you use for the hinge mechanism? Ours is on its last legs but I never thought of building the replacement

Looks like it’s just the screen flapping with a weight at the bottom. I used normal hinges the last time I made dog doors, but then the dogs were all really big, so had to use big hardware. The “flaps” were half inch thick rubber conveyor material.


Yep you are right … I couldn’t tell on my phone. My existing dog door has an internal frame held in by pins for a hinge. But when the big dog is in a rush he rips the door off. I like the heavy mud flap idea.

A friend of mine has a mud flap off of a truck for her doggie door. She has Great Danes.

Exactly. I bolted it all in place and there’s double-sided tape to take the weight of the frame. Once it’s all bolted and place then you take a razor and slit the screen on the sides and the bottom.

That’s what we had. 1 dane, a sheppard husky mix, and occasionally two rotties.

We eventually upgraded to one of these. I mounted it in the wall. Plexidor Pet Door for doors and walls - Saloon style spring loaded doors

I’ve got 6 pits and 2 lab mixes.

I don’t need a doggie door, I need a doggie wall.


That girl in my pic above is a rattie-shiba inu mix, she’s 20 lbs and I could’ve made the door much smaller. Our teacup poodle at 5 lbs can’t quite manage this thing. If I hold it open he can jump through though. :grin:

:joy: lmfao

My dane tried eating his way through the wall about 6 feet down from where the door was. Made it to the outside plywood sheathing by the time I got home.


We don’t have a doggie door.

If we had a doggie door, then the cats would bring their presents inside the house. I’d rather find them on the back porch.

We have a 45lb mix-lab (pit, lab, chow) and a ~35lb Akaneese (akbash, great Pyrenees) puppy. He’s only 14 weeks.

Our little puppy got out of his ‘room’ the other day, so I’ve had to put 50lb bags of sand in the kitchen to keep him from moving his kennel around.


I think you have a wolf. THat guy is going to be HUGE.