Estlcam, Arduino Uno, VCarve Post Processor

Hi to all. I am using my MPCNC controlled with an Arduino Uno which I Program with Estlcam. (NOT using Marlin/Rambo with plain ‘software Estlcam’ in this instance).

I recently acquired VCarve Desktop and had to modify a couple of GCode Post Processors so I can run its output files on Estlcam - these are .tap files. Estlcam is happy with .tap files. I will attach the PPs for anyone interested. They work fine for VCarving. Since the Forum software doesn’t like PP files I have changed the extension to .txt - just change them back to .pp. If you put them in the My_PostP file in the Application Data File of VCarve Desktop they will be the only ones to show up when you pick a PP. I’ll include the plain GCode for Inch and MM and the ARC versions. Remember to change the extension back to .pp from .txt

Any Red in the GCode Estlcam runs is ignored stuff. I left a couple commands in the PP in for GRBL for simplicity since I run that on an Arduino for Lightburn - those are the ignored bits like M03, M05, G17, G21, G90, M30, etc.

A simple text editor like Notepad in Windows works for your own edits of these.

Estlcam_VCarve_GCode_inch.txt (2.99 KB)

Estlcam_VCarve_GCode_mm.txt (2.98 KB)

Estlcam_VCarve_Grbl_ARC_inch.txt (4.89 KB)

Estlcam_VCarve_Grbl_ARC_mm.txt (6.32 KB)


Cool, if we can get a few verification’s on this I will link it from the basics page with the rest of the PP’s. Thanks!